Friday, 14 January 2011

Posting day

hello lovely followers, well today is posting day, i have my Cath Kidston reusable bag stuffed full of pink wee tootie parcels ready to be sent to their new fairy homes :)

I sold out at my shopping evening which is amazing however i am left with no stock for my stall eek.

Today and tomorrow will be a mad creative session to get my stall fully stocked for Sunday and of course my Facebook Shopping Evening on Monday....this may be a little different this week as i was blocked from commenting on my own page after last weeks sales which made life very difficult.  I am considering doing a trial run on ebay for this week, what do you think...?

Have a lovely day! x x

An order ready to pack -


  1. Hi you know that you can't actually see the 'comments' link below your only know it's there by running your mouse over it!!

    Well done on the sales this week - I wish I was doing as

  2. ooh thanks hun, i will see if i have made it the same colour as the background....

  3. yes i had oops thanks for letting me know x x

  4. I think a trial run on ebay wouldn't go a miss and i'm sure people would understand!! x

  5. You're welcome...Would be worth a try on ebay...I am not selling anything hardly on Etsy...Just got booked up for the Easter and Xmas Fair at Kinellar...was asked to do xmas one last year but already had something else on...hopefully get a few more bookings and start making some money!!!...x